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Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower (Inspired by True Food Kitchen)


Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower (Inspired by True Food Kitchen) If you're new to plant-based eating and looking for a restaurant that has great options, True Food Kitchen is a great choice if you're lucky enough to have one close by. Their concept is simple: "A health-driven, seasonal restaurant merging nutrient-rich ingredients with a flavor-forward menu that rotates regularly to let guests experience great-tasting ingredients at the peak of their freshness". It was established partly by Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer and leader of Integrative Medicine, a field which attempts to improve health naturally with a focus on "body, mind, and [...]

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Amazing Hummus


Amazing Hummus The finished product! Hummus is one of my staple foods. It’s convenient, loaded with protein and fiber, and can be eaten any time of the day. I’ll add it to my avocado toast in the morning to make a more satiating breakfast, use it as a dip for veggies or pita for a healthy, filling snack, or spread it on a wrap filled with veggies for a portable lunch sandwich. The good news is that hummus can be purchased almost anywhere these days. There are many brands and many different flavors including roasted red pepper, [...]

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