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Curried Split Pea Cauliflower Stew


Curried Split Pea Cauliflower Stew This winter in Florida has been unseasonably chilly. No, we didn't experience a true "polar vortex" like many parts of the country, and never really needed to dig ourselves out from a snowstorm. Nonetheless, there were many days of "sweater weather", with temperatures dipping into the 40s and 50s. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to break out a stew recipe that I hadn't made in a couple of years. This one is loaded with flavor and nutrition. There's the cruciferous cauliflower, the leafy-green spinach, the high-fiber legumes, the disease-fighting garlic and onion from the [...]

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Two Ingredient Roasted Tomato Sauce


Two Ingredient Roasted Tomato Sauce When many people discuss plant-based cooking with me, they often express the desire not only to create meals with robust flavor, but to do so in a way that is convenient and efficient. This vibrant, roasted tomato sauce meets both of these criteria as it is delicious and insanely easy to prepare. My wife started making this recipe years ago, and it remains our go-to sauce to top whole grain pasta, spiralized zucchini, or spaghetti squash. We also enjoy using it as a dip for toasted ravioli, a delicacy we fell in love with [...]

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