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Healthy Falafel


Healthy Falafel For those of you who have never tried falafel, you're definitely missing out. What is falafel? It's a traditionally deep-fried chickpea ball or patty that is a Middle Eastern delicacy. While chickpeas themselves are very nutritious, providing good doses of plant-protein, fiber, and minerals such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, deep-fried falafel may not be so healthy. This recipe originally called for pan-frying the falafel, which turn out better if they are formed into thinner patties rather than balls. The falafel can also be oven-baked to minimize oil. With my recent discovery of an air-fryer, I've found that this method [...]

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Oh She Glows Crowd Pleasing Caesar Salad


Oh She Glows Crowd Pleasing Caesar Salad Who doesn't love a great Caesar salad? The cool crisp romaine, the crunchy croutons, and the creamy dressing that makes it come together perfectly! The problem is, the traditional Caesar dressing is full of calories, being in large part made up of olive oil and egg yolks. While cardiovascular benefits of olive oil have been demonstrated as part of a Mediterranean diet, oil is a processed food which lacks most of the nutrition found in the original fruit (in this case, the olive). The healthy monounsaturated fats provide a much greater health [...]

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