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Nut and Seed Breakfast Bars


Nut and Seed Breakfast Bars Many people tell me they don't have time for breakfast in the morning. If they do eat, it might be a processed bar of some kind or something with empty calories that can be eaten on the go. Other people tell me they just get tired of eating oatmeal or smoothies as their only healthy options. These breakfast bars are a great alternative! They have even more nutrition than a bowl of oatmeal and the convenience of being portable! Make a tray and freeze the bars so they can be thrown in the microwave [...]

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Chia Seed Mixed Berry Jam


Chia Seed Mixed Berry Jam I've never been one to eat a lot of jellies or jams. Prior to becoming plant-based, I would have the occasional brie, arugula, hot-pepper jam panini sandwich, but I rarely eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or jam on toast. I recently discovered a great restaurant here which makes a phenomenal combination of homemade hot-pepper jam with hummus, for those that are looking for a unique combination! A few months ago, a friend of mine shared a recipe for peanut-butter and jelly breakfast bars which are now one of my go-to meals in the [...]

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Chia Seeds Aren’t Just for Chia Pets, They Pack a Powerful Nutritional Punch!


Up until five years ago, my mind associated chia seeds with only one thing: chia pets. These are the decorative planters available in various personifications such as animals and celebrities. Once the chia seeds are planted, they magically sprout to form the “hair” and “fur” of the different figures. I became puzzled one evening when I stumbled upon a bag of chia seeds sitting on a desk in my office, with no chia pet in sight. One of our nurses must have recognized my contemplative look, as she quickly assured me that chia seeds were more than just a means of [...]

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Chocolate chia pudding


Chocolate Chia Pudding Who doesn't love chocolate pudding? To follow up my blogs on the Cardiovascular Benefits of Cocoa, and Chia Seeds, I wanted to include a few recipes that included each. This recipe conveniently uses both ingredients! Chia pudding in some form is popular in the world of plant-based eating because it is typically prepared quickly and easily, is nutrient dense, and tastes great. The base of most recipes includes some form of nut milk and chia seeds which serve to thicken the milk to the consistency of pudding. These can be a great breakfast substitution for yogurt [...]

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