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Cauliflower Oyster Mushroom Tacos


Cauliflower Oyster Mushroom Tacos There may be more than a few recipes for tacos that turn up on the Vibrant Beat. After all, my family loves tacos! Who doesn't?! And tacos don't just mean a hard shell stuffed with beef, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. The world of plant-based eating has enlightened me to the diverse variety of delicious foods that can be used to stuff a corn tortilla! Some of my favorites include tempeh tacos , and tacos stuffed with "meat" made from walnuts and mushrooms, riced cauliflower, roasted chickpeas, or quinoa and lentils. And why do tacos have to [...]

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Double Chocolate Chip Tahini Brownies


Double Chocolate Chip Tahini Brownies Consuming cacao can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve control of diabetes, and function as an antioxidant. Read more on the cardiovascular benefits of cocoa. While I typically get my daily fix by sprinkling raw cacao nibs on various foods, I am always searching for interesting, healthy recipes that incorporate cocoa. I've never been much of a baker, but recently have seen some unique plant-based chocolate brownie recipes. While I wouldn't consider dessert a health food, these decadently fudgy brownies will more than satisfy your sweet tooth, and are definitely better for you than the [...]

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